Brandon routh

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Brandon Routh as Tim Peyton, investigative reporter for NewsHunters and secret werewolf

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Brandon Routh he should have been Super Man again

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Brandon Routh ! Mostly known as Clark Kent from Superman Returns and as Daniel Shaw from the series Chuck

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Brandon Routh (Superman Returns)

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Don’t worry @_CourtneyFord_ , I totally didn’t tell @grantgust u think he’s cute. Secrets safe with me. Yup. #BarRay

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Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin & Brandon Routh at #CWUpfront 2015

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brandon routh - Pesquisa Google

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Brandon Routh

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Eoghan O'Riordan (Sywhaîd / Hidden Thestral) Brandon Routh

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Brandon Routh & Wentworth Miller #LegendsOfTomorrow cast photoshoot at #TCA16

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