Bradley James. Loved him as Arthur in 'Merlin'

My future husband, Bradley James.

Bradley James as Will .. I close my eyes with every intention of focusing on Krystal, my love for her, in her love for me , our future. Instead , I see the freckles scattered Maggie and her bright green eyes laughing at me ..

Bradley James - blue eyes and that look are a decent bow tie sub

Bradley James. I'm a sucker for guys with blonde hair and blue eyes!

Needed a blond character assignment. Bradley James - King Arthur on the BBC show Merlin

King Arthur will have medium length, dark blonde hair and his make up will be natural as shown.  The rest of the men including, Lancelot, Merlyn, Mordred, Galahad, Gareth, Gawaine, King Pellinore, Sir Kay, Sir Ector, Agravaine, Sir Bruce Sans Pitié, Uncle Dap, Sir Thomas Malory and Uther Pendragon  will have the same natural face makeup.

Bradley James--Arthur from Merlin

Bradley James - Arthur Pendragon  BBC Merlin. Hey, does anyone else look at gifs and think of the moving photographs from Harry Potter?

Bradley James - Arthur Pendragon BBC Merlin, his smile!


Confirmation that is a photography sorceress & her camera is her magic wand.

Alexander Queen, or Alec, a businessman and trader who prefers the quiet, since he believes it helps him plan things out, since he his building his business by himself. He built his company after hid parents died, Theodosia and Oliver Queen, and left him his fortune. He's the subject of quite a bit of gossip, though doesn't seem to mind. He has one son, Oliver, named after his father but that's it.

bradley james aka arthur pendragon it's fine

Bradley James. Amazing what a violin will do for a man's sex appeal.

Bradley James playing a violin.

Bradley James as Damien (TV Series 2016– )

Bradley James as Damien (TV Series )

Bradley James in 'The Adventures of Merlin' ~ Oh.My.God I wanna be your Guinevere...

Arthur Pendragon (Bradley James) in Merlin

King Bradley James in all his glory ;)

King Arthur // Bradley James I love the stuff on his arms!

Bradley James gif....swoooooooon! (Though he looks a bit demented because of the speed of this gif…does he have a mental disorder?)

what an enchanting smile (ooo, I made a pun!

Presenting Bradley James the newest pretty boy in my collection of my obsession of male celebrities

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#seriously how is this picture not banned from the internet yet

Literally the golden boy from Camelot: Bradley James from Merlin (BBC).

seriously how is this picture not banned from the internet yet<-- not sure who this is a pic of but I likes it.<< it's Arthur (Bradley James) from the BBC series Merlin

Bradley James - Arthur on BBC's Merlin.... or is it Arthur playing Bradley James in real life?

Bradley James - Arthur on BBC's Merlin. or is it Arthur playing Bradley James in real life?< seriously, he just is Arthur.

Bradley James as King Arthur - Swoon!

The many faces of Bradley James aka King Arthur.