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A Comprehensive History Of Brad Pitt's Hair

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Legends of the Fall (1994)

Brad....this was the best but this guy looks amazing regardless of whether he is scruffy, clean-shaven, long hair or short. And him and Angelina do so much good with their riches:))))))

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Brad Pitt. Good lord. You cannot get any hotter!

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Gorgeous with his hair short ... I wish to goodness he'd keep it like that!! none of that "Chanel No 5, long hair, poetic spirit" nonsense ... just does nothing for him!! this is how we like you Brad :) thank you.

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Seriously. Who else misses this hot Brad Pitt before Angelina and their passel of kids?

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Brad Pitt. ° #celebrities More

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Brad Pitt. Breakout role in Thelma & Louise, 1991 at 28yrs. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw him.

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Quebrando a primeira regra: 30 fatos sobre Clube da Luta

Best part in fight club "you want to finish her off"? With the gloves and everything lmao I love it

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nnnngggaaah. Brad Pitt, male actor, celeb, steaming hot, cute, nuttet, beauty, portrait, hand, finger, charming, sexy, photo b/w.

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