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A shock of pretty pink bougainvillea at a home in the Mediterranean, by Serban Enache/Dreamstime

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White bougainvillea blooms pair perfectly with colorful kilim textiles for a bohemian outdoor picnic locale.

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rustic stone delineates bougainvillea

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Bougainvillea Plant Tips & Varieties Bougainvillea is one of Australia’s most vibrant sun loving, drought tolerant vigorous sprawling climbers that grow with neglect mostly blooming throughout spring, summer and autumn. It is a resilient and massively floriferous plant found almost in every part of the world with over 18 species, this flowering bush originates from read more

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Bougainvillea wish we could have these in zone 5

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Bougainvillea 101: Care & Maintenance, Tips & Tricks

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#contest Beautiful way to outline an outdoor seating area. I like the cool and inviting feel of this arrangement.

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Propagate Bougainvillea

Propagate Bougainvillea (I need to do this to our bougainvillea tree soon. I'd like to plant the cutting elsewhere in our yard)

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Lush Wedding Inspiration with a Bougainvillea Backdrop

bougainvillea ceremony arch - photo by 1985Luke Photography

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Mexican Decor Styles We Love

Las casas en cultura española es muy lleno de color con mucho flores. Azulejo es popular para pisos.

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