Something I may not do anymore but will remain in my heart forever, Body Combat.

So my legs are like lead after a run last night but I'm setting myself up for an epic les mills body combat class in an hour or so

Harley Quinn workout

Do you like body combat style exercises? Well why not try these exercises at home or at the gym, this routine is great for those who like to feel power within a workout, this workout includes non contact kicks and punches.


Farker Yammering_Splat_Vector gave this cat some boards to karate chop in the Fark contest "Photoshop this kitten attacking a balloon"

I do Body Combat...because punching people in the face is frowned upon. | Confession Ecard

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: I do Body Combat.because punching people in the face is frowned upon.

That me when people annoyed me i just want to hit them

Tips on exactly what to expect in every gym class from Pump to Zumba.