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Bling Bling I would love this when the alergys or a bad day comes along. Cause yah know who doesn't love shinny things!!!


'B!ing'ed-Out' Keurig✦ ˚̩̥̩̥✧̊́Ḅ̥̲̊͘Ι̥Ꭵ̗̊ꉆ̖̀ɢ̥͠✦̖̱̩̊̎̍Ḅ̤̥̿̀l̯̊l̳̹͘͝ŋ̊Ꮹ̥̀✧̊́˚̩̥̩̥

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101 Pieces of Editor-Approved Summer Clothes for Under $150

I have many old keys that I may use to try and DIY this as christmas tree decor.

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Silver Heart shaped BROOCH BOUQUET. Cascading glamour broach bouquet by MemoryWedding. Silver jeweled

Ready 8 FULL PRICE Cascade glamour brooch by MemoryWedding on Etsy

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25 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have

25 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have More

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Bling Bling Products: 9 Outrageous Displays of Wealth

If I use it everyday it has to S P A R K L E !!

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NWR: Bad Mamma Jamma boot.. for shoe lovers only

I can imagine no occasion that could possibly occur in my life that would merit the wearing of boots like these. However, they are really beautiful--love the lace effect of the cut-outs and the subtle opalescent glitter. They are shoes for my imaginary younger alter ego.

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Sinatra silver grey fabric window curtain w/ sequins

Sinatra Silver/Grey Sequin Bathroom decor... WOW, if i could have a "master" bath and a guest bath i definitely would be blinging it up w/some of this stuff!!! It would fit right in w/my bedroom... LOVE it!

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How to Make Beaded Foot Jewelry for The Beach

Beaded Barefoot Sandal! What I will be waring on my wedding day!!