I am so very grateful for all my amazing friends. I give thanks for you all xx❤️


UOGoals: Be grateful./ I am grateful for you. I am very happy that we still talk, I can never thank you enough for that.

Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her. -Luke 1:45

She Believes and Everything Changes

With two hands, I touched the wall and quickly lifted my head to look at the clock, smiling with delight over what I saw. I’d hit almost a split and had 18 more glorious seconds before I’d push off to swim my next butterfly sprint.

"Start each day with a grateful heart..." #blessed #fulfilled

10 Benefits to a Gratitude Journal

Blesser quelqu'un, avez-vous idée de la profondeur à laquelle la pierre peut s'enfoncer ?

Blesser quelqu'un est aussi facile que de jeter une pierre dans la mer.

Copper foil rose gold print | It's the little things in life <3 |

It's the little things. When I eat a strawberry (like right now), Im reminded of you. They should stop pretending to be. (Also, in case you thought you got away with it, I know you farted in the car in NZ!