Black butler

this is not of the best anime our there. I'm not even finished and I've felt every emotion possible. I've cried and laughed and just plain fallen in love with the characters and the plot. I never used to think Sebastian was hot, but I definitely do now.

I think he's faking it, he HAVE to act like a butler, and butlers have emotions : P  |l Kuroshitsuji l|

I think he's faking it, he HAVE to act like a butler, and butlers have emotions : P |l Kuroshitsuji l|

Black butler, Kuroshitsuji, Bardroy, Finnian, Meilin

Finny, Bardroy, and Meyrin

Sebastian Michaelis & Ciel Phantomhive | Black Butler | Kuroshitsuji | ♤ Anime ♤

Sebastian and Ciel - Black Butler - Kuroshitsuji


Kuroshitsuji 54 - Read Kuroshitsuji 54 Online - Page 2

Ciel looks sad.... and Sebastian... he's just Sebastian: and he's mine! ~Black Butler

Ciel and his one of hell butler Sebastian(Black Butler)

Sebastian Michaelis | Anime Amino

aww lil Sebby with his cats **distant Ciel sneezing**

Sebastian Michaelis

Black Butler- Sebastian Michaelis// how could someone possibly not love him?


7 Popular Anime Series that EVERYONE is Watching. Are You?

Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler - Sebastian Michaelis - Yes, My Lord.

Ciel Phantomhive

fujiiwara: “ Ciel Phantomhive + Sebastian Michaelis Wallpapers: Requested by ”

black butler, kuroshitsuji - Sebastian #anime

anime, manga and kuroshitsuji image on We Heart It

There's alois on the floor while Claude watches him, and then theRE Is litErALLy CIEL in SeBaSTIAns ARMs!!!!

alois on the floor near a sword that has blood on it. ciel in sebastian's arms. sebastian holding ciel in his arms. claude is just staring at alois.

Black Butler meets Breaking Benjamin

Black Butler meets Breaking Benjamin <<< I love this song and anime so much *-* and it just fits perfectly

Black Butler Eyes I'll draw this on a paper & use it to help me when trying…

Kuroshitsuji Eye Chart for drawing

Black Butler | Mayrin / Maylene

Mey-Rin is fantastic, she is!

Sebastian tumblr black butler funny

Awww he looks so devistated! No, Sebastian, stop! I dot even watch Black Butler and you're giving me feels!