Black butler cosplay

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She says this is what it would look like on her see not so bad and doesnt look like a boy LOL

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Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

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Ciel from "Black Butler" #blackbutler #cosplay #kuroshituji

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Undertaker cosplay from anime black butler Oh MOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!So perfect Awesome awesome awesome cosplay he is one of my favorite cosplay

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cosplay Sebastian·Michaelis

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Finny - Black Butler SO CUTE Aww so kawaii i love this so much!

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OH MY GOD. I want to marry the person who wore this amazing cosplay. •_•

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24 Black Butler Cosplays That Are Devilishly Good ⋆ MangaPanda

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Fantastic cosplay of Mey-Rin (Kuroshitsuji) *--* but her eyes weren't brown? <=== who cares!? this is perfect!!! (and that gun tho :ASD)

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Undertaker from Black Butler Cosplay || anime cosplay

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