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22 Things That Only Happen To People Who Have Resting Bitchface

You are fully prepared, at all times, to answer a million questions about your current state of mind. | 22 Things That Only Happen To People Who Have Resting Bitchface

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Beauty wisdom from a friend of mine: Smiling gives you wrinkles. Resting Bitch Face keeps you pretty.

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Bitchy resting face...

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Permanent resting b*** face :)

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hahahhaaaaa there is a name for it!!! I can't even count how many times people ask me "are you ok?" or what's wrong?" NOTHING! I just have a bitchy resting face!

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20 Things People With Bitchy Resting Face Are Tired Of Hearing

"What's wrong?" 20 things people with a serious resting face can relate to...and I seriously relate to them all...oh my goodness do I.

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RBF and other snarky thoughts — Jupe du Jour

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I am pretty sure I could have been in this video. I am not a bitch... its just my face. How to help sufferers of "Bitchy Resting Face," a tragic reality for millions of women | by Broken People on Youtube

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I get this comment all the time! It is honestly just my face

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Story of my life | Resting bitchface (RBF)

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