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Dan Smith from Bastille. Awesome voice! I just preordered his upcoming album "Bad Blood" due sometime in September!

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Bastille♡ What is your favorite song by them?? ~comment~

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I love this so much! Chris's hair is just out of control- soo long!

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I am IN LOVE with these beautiful musicians right now!

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Gorgeous. This is the first thing that I saw when I opened Pinterest today

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But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing's changed at all?

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bastille // warmth

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Good Grief- Bastille

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I sit here at my desk and my mind drifts to you... you are right here with me every moment of my life, even in silence I can feel your presence.

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"I am passionate about love. If there’s a way to articulate it, maybe one day I’ll write a love song." Dan Smith

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