How to Spend 3 days in Basel, Switzerland!

How to Spend 3 Days in Basel, Switzerland

Last month, I had the chance to visit gorgeous Basel, Switzerland. Keep reading to learn how to spend 3 days in Basel, Switzerland.

12 Fun Things to do in Basel, Switzerland, what to do in Basel. Visiting Basel.

12 Fun Things to Do in Basel Switzerland

If you're planning to travel to Switzerland, consider Basel. Here's 12 fun things to do in Basel, Switzerland.

Although many tourists think of Basel as an expensive river boat port city, there are many fun things to do in Basel Switzerland that won't break the bank. From the art to the doner kebabs, you will be happy when you visit Basel.

Things to Do in Basel Switzerland that Won't Break the Bank

Check out six cheap but fun things to do in Basel Switzerland including museums, food and more. With some planning, Basel is a great spot for a city break.

...Pastries at Gilgen... via Where to Eat in Basel, Switzerland

Where to Eat in Basel

Finding Hidden Gems for Kids in Basel, Switzerland

Finding Hidden Gems For Kids In Basel, Switzerland

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Day trip destinations from Basel

Day trips from Basel, Switzerland - some travel daydreaming and planning

Day trip destinations from Basel, Switzerland - some travel daydreaming and planning - Not a Ballerina

Could Basel be your next dream destination?

Skipping Basel? 7 Reasons Why You’re Making a Big Mistake

Well, I was married in the Basel Town Hall, but don't remember this. Guess I was just so busy? Town Hall, Basel, Switzerland

We never made it to Lucerne in love to go to Switzerland☺️ Town Hall, Basel, Switzerland

Basel Travel Diary // Basel, Switzerland: animals, views, and unending charm

Basel Travel Diary

A road trip around Europe, featuring Basel, Switzerland. Touring the Swiss scenic views with a local guide.

Because it's purple!!!! Basel, Switzerland Photo by @sert_mehmet #awesomedreamplaces

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