A barn swallow flying over the lake at Prospect Park in Wheat Ridge, Colo.

Flying barn swallow - I don't like most flying ones, but this is good!

Barn Swallow

Male Barn Swallow (The female is similar in appearance to the male, but the tail streamers are shorter, the blue of the upperparts and breast band is less glossy, and the underparts paler.

Barn Swallow  Adult male Smaller and more slender than Purple Martin Long, forked tail Buffy-orange underparts, with rusty throat and forehead

BARN SWALLOW is the national bird for AUSTRIA. Male: Slender swallow with long wings and long, forked tailGlossy blue/purple aboveBuffy orange below (males have deeper orange color)Rusty orange forehead and throat

Barn Swallow, Hirundo rustica. It uses man-made structures to breed so it has spread w/human expansion. This bird lives in close assoc. w/humans, & its insect-eating habits mean that it is tolerated by man

The Barn Swallow, Hirundo rustica. The Barn Swallows use man-made structures to breed and consequently has spread with human expansion. This species lives in close association with humans, and its insect-eating habits mean that it is tolerated by man.

barn swallow, a distinctive bird in flight  Backyard 4/29/13

People find birdsong relaxing and reassuring because over thousands of years they have learned that when the birds sing, they are safe. It's when birds.

Barn Swallow Spirtual Song Page  5 x 7 God Will Take Care Of You Bird. $9.95, via Etsy.

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