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Lol. Our band director is always saying we're the "smart kid school" and pointing out how many APs were is whenever we fail.

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Drum Corps Memes And Other Such Things \u2022 modmelodies: Wince. Every ..."

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16 Signs You Might Be A Forever Band Kid | The Odyssey"

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marching band memes | Tumblr

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star trek marching band meme - @Zach Evers Evers Evers harris

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This is so true, I swear if I go anywhere near the band room when orchestra and band are going on, these band kids give me wierd looks.

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Yes. Music will always somehow be a part if my life, whether its marching DCA, being a DCI/DCA fan, playing horn/mello whenever I can, or just melting over some amazing movie score, music will always be a part of my life.

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Band Memes To Brighten The Day | rockingbandkid"

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