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Ross Lynch

Te Amo Ross ! Capo nunca te olvidaré :D *-*

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Austin and Ally - austin-and-ally-disney Photo

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Wow seriously????? How could I have NOT noticed this before?!?!?!?!?!?!

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FOTO EXCLUSIVO: Austin, Ally, Dez e Trish na melhor noite de suas vidas!

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Ross Lynch "Austin Moon" Austin and Ally

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A fun playful relationship= like everyones dream relationship>He has jokes he created just for her. <3 ❤️

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u win they all say PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! ross walks over its true

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"Austin moon and ally dawSON" ❤️

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Ally: Hey, I got you your very own songbook. Austin: Awww! Thanks Ally. Ally: And look it even has-- Austin: DON'T TOUCH MY BOOK! ;)

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How I feel when an R5 concert or Austin and Ally episode is over.

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