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Ash Stymest with Lauren Baker's 'Crystal Tiger' (Image: Louie Banks)

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Alaric is mature but then he's childish inheriting most of Nikolas' personality. He is always reminded by Marceline Alucard, who he views as a second mother, that he looked a like Nikolas.

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Sen Mitsuji!!

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chameleon eyes, dark auburn messy hair, unfinished tattoos (bad at commitment), wears a sailor cap occasionally, half-naked all the time, pale, wiry, tall, etc.

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Ash Stymest Sits for a Portrait by Tom Betts

Ash Stymest Sits for a Portrait by Thomas Betts

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strangeforeignbeauty: Ash Stymest for Eloq FW 2014 Pin by:

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Ash Stymest by Bret Lemke

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Ash Stymest photographed by Ben Cope for Fucking Young! Online

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