The gorgeous Arthur Darvill. "I like my men like my tea: hot and British."

Arthur Darvill- drinking tea like a boss. What is it with all of these amazingly talented & handsome British men?

(Extreme British accent) Rip Hunter. Bounty hunter from the future, and I got here via time travel. I've got one too many enemies back home, so I've decided to hole up in New York. Come say hello?

Arthur Darvill in Once the musical. Do I put this on my fandom board, or my theatre board?

Rory Williams | S7EP3 A Town Called Mercy

Just when Rory got hot, we had to say goodbye. >>> Girl what are you saying? Rory's always been hot.<<< He makes all men look bad. He is a roman holding a baby while crying cool. "Rory's the most beautiful man I've ever met"--Amelia Pond

Arthur Darvill. You know, it's really just like Amy says. You see a person, and then you get to know them, and their face just becomes them, and they're just the most beautiful person in the world. I really like that a lot of these BBC actors aren't conventionally Hollywood gorgeous - they're much more interesting than that.

Arthur Darvill aka Rory "Pond" Williams - Doctor Who

If I woke up from a coma and Arthur Darvill was standing beside my bed, claiming to be my husband, I would not question it.

Sometimes I wish Arthur Darvill hadn't been Rory . But then I remember that Rory was the best man ever, and I'm even more in love with him than the Doctor.

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OMG, rep pining because I'm a girl and I have the same trainers Arthur is wearing!!! same color & everything :-)

Best part of this picture?: Look at those TARDIS blue shoes!<----And the adorableness of Arthur and Karen<<< I love them together. But yeah, the TARDIS blue converse were the very first things I noticed.