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Artemis by Tsuyoshi Nagano

Artemis this is what she could have looked like. This picture is correct beacuse she is the goddess of the wild hunt. Also beacuse she has the moon in the back groung.

Artemis Found on

Artemis Goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals and the moon. Lived in harmony with nature, fought against oppression of women and challenged mortal women to stand up for themselves. <---Hunter of Artemis forever!

My Greek mythology scene -- Atremis, goddess of the hunt

Artemis (Greek mythology) or Diana in Roman pantheon was goddess of animals and hunting. Aphrodite was number 1 babe in Greek pantheon but Artemis was also beautiful plus a skilled huntress and the best sniper in ancient Greece

Day 6: My favorite major Greek god is Artemis. I love everything about her. I mean, come on. Who doesn't love her?

Breath Taking Sculptures by Mark Newman

My favorite major Greek god is Artemis. Artemis (Diana)-goddess of the moon, hunting and protectress of animals; Goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility.

Artemis: Goddess of Light And Protector of the Vulnerable In Greek mythology Artemis (also known as the Roman goddess Diana) was the daughter of Zeus, the mighty ruler of the Olympian gods. Artemis' m

Artemis: Goddess of Light And Protector of the Vulnerable

Artemis the Greek goddess/huntress. Also known as Diana to the Romans, also known as Wonder Woman my hero!