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“Baba Ichanga” wearing traditional gelede mask and holding a baby. Sanga village, Ketou, Benin | © David Paul Carr


Africa | Nyim Kot a-Mbweeky III wearing royal dress 'Bwaantshy'; royal headdress known as 'Ntshuum Aniym'; necklace 'Lashyaash' made of leopard teeth; sword 'Mbombaam'; lance 'Mbwoom Ambady'; drums of reign 'Pelambish'; basket 'Kweemishaam'l' and other items of royal adornment. DR Congo, 1971 | ©Eliot Elisofon


One of the characteristics of Siberian shamanism is, the vast majority of the shamans used special costumes on which images of their spirit helpers were attached. The Sakha (Yakut) shamans of central Siberia wore up to two hundred iron pendants and ima


Kazakhstan proverb: "There are three things a real man should have: a fast horse, a hound, and a golden eagle." There are an estimated 250 Kazakh eagle hunters in the Bayan-Ölgii Province of Mongolia. In the first week of October, eagle hunters gather for the annual Golden Eagle Festival of Mongolia.


inspiration and realisation: DIY fashion blog: DIY Antropologie preserved rope cuff