~Sin objetivos, ni planes para alcanzarlos, eres como una oveja que ha sarpado sin destino.~ By *nakanoart*

Night Flower by nakanoart Featured on Cyrail: Inspiring artworks that make your day better

tinhan123:  it can feel weird to live the life of a freelancer.

"Spending the whole day waiting for the world to come home" is what the little white texts sais.<<<<I have no idea what this is from or even if it's from anything, but I love it anyways.

Goldfish Balcony by Menstos.deviantart.com

"You're home late." They said in unison. That was one of the things he loved about them. They never bothered with individuality or conformity. Those things just didn't exist for his little golden frie (Beauty Scenery Sketch)

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kimi no na wa miyamizu mitsuha high resolution anekawa black hair hair ornament hair ribbon night night sky ponytail reaching ribbon scenery school uniform short hair sky star (sky) tied hair tree

Chỉ vậy thôi.....

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The rose slowly falls apart as a relationship moves more and more away from each other

ღ манга -‘๑’- Аниме -‘๑’- арты ღ

Some filth, no matter how many times you scrub and wash away, still they remain; it can then be said that in a sense, history is filth too.