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boys-cute-boysFondness / Kindness / Tenderness Andy Biersack

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Andy/ Oh Andy...Andy...Andy...stop it with that dark hair and blue eyes. Just stop.

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Prelude FL711 Student Flute Reviewed • News To Review -

Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides writing lyrics and jamming out. Love you lots Andy <3 - Laura

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andy biersack, black veil brides, and bvb

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:: FC Andy biersack :: Hello, I'm Andrew Black. Captain of The Andromeda. I'm…

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Calm Down Wolf boy!

Do you even see how perfect Andy is? That perfect jaw line, those blue eyes, perfect hair... Onision's right. Andy IS an angel

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Andy Biersack ~ Black Veil Brides

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that Dragonfly tattoo gives me so many feelings.

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dani☔ on

Andy Biersack ☆ and Daredevil the dog

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andy biersack 2014 - Hledat Googlem

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