Andre Derain - Fauve Landscape  1905

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Andre Derain "Trees in Collioure", 1905 (France, Post-Impressionism / Fauvism, cent.

Landscape near Chatou - Andre Derain,  1904 Fauvism  Private Collection

Landscape near Chatou - Andre Derain (Fauvism) The different colours compliment one another in this painting and makes it appealing.

Andre Derain (1880-1954) French Fauvist Painter who was influenced by Neo-Impressionism, a style in which a painting is made up of small dots of colour. Derain became familiar with this style through the work of Paul Signac (1863-1935), a major artist whom Matisse had befriended and visited in the southern French village of Saint-Tropez.

Andre Derain French Fauvist Painter - this is a great piece. The colors are divine and the slight use of certain painting techniques is nice.

Fauvism. Trois Arbres, l'Estaque, 1906 // painting by Andre Derain. "Les Fauves believed that color should be used at its highest pitch to express the artist's feelings about a subject, rather than simply to describe what it looks like. Fauvist paintings have two main characteristics: extremely simplified drawing and intensely exaggerated color. Fauvism was a major influence on German Expressionism" (from

André Derain (French, 1880 - Trois Arbres (Three Trees), l'Estaque, In _Vanessa and Her Sister_ by Priya Parmar, the fictional Vanessa Bell says Derain is one of the painters her husband Clive hopes to meet in Paris. He co-founded Fauvism with Matisse.

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André Derain - Woman in a Chemise, 1906 Oil on canvas 100 x 81 cm.

In pictures: Andre Derain: The London Paintings - Telegraph. A French Fauvist in London...simply fantastic...

In pictures: Andre Derain: The London Paintings

In pictures: Andre Derain: The London Paintings - Telegraph. A French Fauvist in the use of white space to show sunlight on the water