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(open Rp.) I found this old piano in one of the rooms. I sit at it and start to sing Mad world as I play I hear a floor board creaking but I continue to play and smirk.-Raven.

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Amy Lee from Evanescence, she truly has an beautiful and amazing voice, she is extremely talented and a gorgeous woman

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Amy Lee

[[Fc: Amy Lee]] I'm Elizabeth and I'm the daughter of Lucifer. I'm 172. I am fashionable and make sure I always look fabulous. I can control the minds of humans and make them do whatever I want. I break my victims mentally, then I kill them. I get into trouble often but I don't care. I follow my own rules.

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Amy Lee of Evanescence

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Amy Lee gif hunt updated per request! Click on the pic to check out 50 new gifs added (scroll to the bottom)

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Amy Lee (Evanescence)

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Amy Lee,is the girl i look up to and want to be like <3

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12 Things Katy Perry Looked Like At The Grammys

Amy Lee. Best Singer EVER!

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Stunning in powder blue... She looks radiant! More

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