Ami James at his SoHo tattoo parlor

Ami James at his SoHo tattoo parlor i want a tattoo piece done by him. i have a tattoo artist bucket list lol

Ami James. This guy is amazing, I really want him to tattoo me someday.

Ami James - hoping to get my next tattoo at his London shop 'love hate social club'

Ami James From The Reality Shows NY Ink & Miami Ink

Ami James owner of ny ink letting me take his pic outside shop on steps omg hes too much

Hot and does amazing work..Wish he could do mine.

Picture: Ami James in 'NY Ink.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Ami James (NY Ink) featuring 19 pictures.

Mod Boy: Ami James, do NY Ink

Quem é o tatuador Ami James, do programa NY Ink

It used to be that tattoos were the domain of rock stars and those serving time in prison. Not anymore, as tattoos are slowly but…

Ami James

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