Christian Bale as Mr. Grey:  Okay. Substitute blood for a chilled white wine? To heck with the blood/wine, look at that tongue over those teeth! 50 Shades of LIKE!
--Direction, structure, and form are large elements in this poster.. Direction is shown by the diagonal slant of "psycho", which doubles in the category of form by contrasting from the all-caps "American". "Psycho" is all lower cased. Lastly, structure is prevalent through font contrast; "American" is Roman Oldstyle while "psycho" is more of a handwritten/scribbled font.

American Psycho (2000)

American. Psycho.

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American Psycho... if you dont like brutal shtuff then dont read this.. im not saying that i like brutal stuff, im saying that i can handle this... whatever i cant explain... just dont read it if you dont want to... lol
American Psycho (2000) by Mary Harron
American Psycho bloody mug. | 31 Creepy Items Every Horror Fan Should Own. I kinda need all of these things
American Psycho It's a really great metaphor on humanity. How no one truly cares about others being ok or even alive...
"Phil Collins in genesis, best drummer...pseu, pseu, pseudeo ..."