My Owl Barn: 3D Illustrations from Discarded Books by Isobelle Ouzman

My Owl Barn: Illustrations from Discarded Books by Isobelle Ouzman - perhaps a project idea in adv.

Brilliant Book Collages - The Parallèle Exhibition by Erwan Soyer Features Alluring Artwork (GALLERY)

Brilliant Book Collages

Brilliant Book Collages The Parallèle Exhibition by Erwan Soyer Features Alluring Artwork - clever!

Art by Will Ashford "These altered book drawings by will ashford are incredible. I love the idea of using old books to create new art. There is a legacy and lineage being played with here. A trust that poetry can emerge from unexpected places. This art also proves in a beautiful way, that everything is open to the viewers interpretation, even something as "permanent" as the printed page."

Altered-Book Poetry (Art Therapy)

See 7 Best Images of Book Page Art. Inspiring Book Page Art design images. Folded Pages Book Sculpture Art Book Folding Art Folded Book Art Altered Book Poetry Page Paint On Book Page

Beautiful altered book by Rebecca Morris at using Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells line.

Little Book of Spells Treasure Box - I need inspirations! I'm gathering ideas to create my own BOS- replica custom witches Book of Shadows, Wiccan core rituals, Pagan magical practices, witchcraft books

"Knowledge to me is like honey to a bee. You have to chase it through the pages in a book."

I thought this was so cute and minimalist! I love love love the hexagon cut outs, I might try something similar to this in my altered book just to give some texture!

Kelly Campbell, Mayberry’s Insects, art, sculpture, paper craft, book art, book sculpture  This image is disorder where the pages of a book are ripped up to allow hated insects to crawl over them. The book looks like it has been taken over by bugs

Insect Art, Paper Craft, Book Art (Mayberry’s Insects. Book sculpture by Kelly Campbell)

Aoltered book art.            Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Cool riff on blackout poetry. LM leave words on page; cut out unwanted words; page underneath shows through (alternative to the found poetry project)

Found poetry, altered book

Found poetry, altered book // Hiding texts // books are already something that hides itself (means and sends different things to different people who reads it) May have hidden messages between the lines.

Altered Book | > Altered book, a work in progress again from hogret on devianART. I can recognize that washi tape pattern anywhere

Altered book, work in progress. A copy of Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography which has been assertively altered - each spread has been cut down to a diff.