All About Alaska: Exploring The Last Frontier    #infographic #Alaska #Travel

All About Alaska: Exploring The Last Frontier #infographic #Alaska #Travel

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Aljaška lodí Norwegian Bliss ze Seattle

Kayak Island, Alaska Is it crazy to want to live in Alaska when I don't like being cold? Maybe. Does that stop me from wanting it? No.

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Traditional Athabascan Coat. Let me reiterate that traditional items like this are not for "fashion inspiration." They are created from tens of thousands of years of tradition, and we've had enough white people steal our items and degrade their meaning that we don't appreciate when you repin this like you can just wear this. You can't. Items like this are for Indigenous only, and anything else is racist. We're not your costumes.

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A moose roams the tundra of Denali National Park in Alaska • photo: Mariko Kinikin on Flickr - National Parks of Alaska

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Denali National Park, Alaska

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Mendenhall Valley, Alaska | A prominent fixture in Alaskan landscape, the Mendenhall Glacier spans roughly 14 miles in total length.

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Měřítko mapy Poměr Výpočet vzdáleností. Kluci, víte jak je odtud daleko Aljaška? Koukneme do mapy a změříme to. Páni, 15cm tzn. jenom 15km!!! Tak jdeme.

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