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Alex Grey's unique series of 21 paintings, the Sacred Mirrors, take the viewer…

Alex Grey tattoo idee! Naar tintend love en uitwerken!

I Alex Grey Consciousness is subtle, it’s not our immediate consciousness that we experience. The immediate consciousness that I experience is called my ego.

Alex Grey - Progress of the Soul - Kiss of the Muse / Anatomical <3

fuckyeahalexgrey: Alex Grey - Progress of the Soul pt. 51 “Kiss of the Muse”

rkrkrkr:    Insomnia - Alex Grey

sometimes good and bad is on your side but bad just takes over and makes everything painful : Insomnia - Alex Grey

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche Alex grey

I see this less as a form of prayer and more as contemplation of human existence. I dig -- Prayer!

The Present Participle: Ocean of Love Bliss - Alex Grey

twin flame - A Twin Flame experiences a strong spiritual attraction. Twin Flames have a main purpose of assisting humanity shift their consciousness. Twin Flames face many obstacles in their relationship to heal all their personal emotional baggage.

Wonder - Zena Gazing at the Moon, 1996, acrylic on paper 16 x 20 in. Alex Grey

a arte espiritual e psicodélica de alex grey

Discover Yourself -

Deja Vu and Dreams Really Coming True

DMT - The Spirit Molecule. DMT is a molecule found in nearly every living organism and considered the most potent psychedelic on Earth. It’s called the “Spirit Molecule” because DMT is said by many to.

Alex Grey

Acrylic and Shellac on wood panel and modeling paste.Left: The Eye in the Well, the formless fire, and the Star within the stone. Martin Bridge Right: As Above, So Below, The World Tree.


Spiritual Energy System


The Third Eye and the Pineal Gland ~ The symbol of the All-Seeing-EYE, has…