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Wynston by Alex Evans #portrait #photography

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originally posted by thelightthatneverdies. love these portrait styles

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It's Silveron from my newest book of the unseen : The Silver Wing! That face tho it reminds me of a face he would make at Pascal lol

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Alex Evans(only my friend thinks he is hot) I think he is okay

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Have you seen the new promotion Real Techniques brushes -$10 ..... #makeup #makeupbrushes #realtechniques

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Wynston Shannon by Alex Evans.

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Mary Rubin by Alex Evans for Institute Magazine beauty story

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((I'm restarting all my characters except for Lycia,Trevor, and Noah)) Erick) yo I'm Erick I'm addicted to smoking and I'm 19 I have lots of freckles too *laughs* do o have a freckle buddy?

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