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..the way our lips curve! Sexiest feature

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richardmurrayhumblr: Nneka from Camille Nat afro magic Looking West and West from Richard Murray

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Crocheting Calms My Nerves- African American Art Natural Hair Art Afro Puffs Black Art Print

#Crocheting Calms My Nerves- Afro Art Print. $18.00 USD, via Etsy.

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wakeupblackpower: afro pick

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from the comic series Bushida; Bushida & her older brother Akio

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Power Fro natural hair curly afro num yummy! Ohh delish!! Big hair afro fashion style! love love love! Awesome! All time old school swag! More

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Not sure of artist, but click on picture to read this woman's interpretation of painting- very good.

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afro-arts: “ // IG: artistsalaam ”

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