Adrien Brody ... maybe it's his eyes? His mouth? Just don't know ...

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What I wouldn't give to come home to this at night.....

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adrien brody - LOVE -

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“My dad told me, 'It takes fifteen years to be an overnight success', and it took me seventeen and a half years.” ~ Adrien Brody

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Mr Brody-I never thought he was handsome or the romantic leading man type until King Kong...

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This is Adrien Brody, the American actor. I love him because he is dedicated and serious in all his works, even when he's playing the tortured village idiot (Noah Percy in 'The Village'), a hubristic and cowardly general (Tiberius in 'Dragon Blade'), a disillusioned teacher (Henry Barthes in 'Detachment'), or the pathetic spoiled son trying tricks to secure inheritance (Dmitri Desgoffe und Taxis in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel').

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Adrian Brody & dog. (photo via aeropuertos)

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adrien brody big black book photos 007 Houdini Star Adrien Brody for Esquire The Big Black Book Mexico

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Depuis "le pianiste", on attend le prochain grand rôle d'Adrien Brody...

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