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Lineární ložisko LM8UU - Igus stylu 3DRap podle 3drap - Thingiverse

Smooth X-axis for Prusa i3 with Leadscrews by MazaaFIN - Thingiverse

Prusa i3 leadscrew, ložiska, ZStop, Belt aktualizace napětí od rlang001 - Thingiverse

Lineární pohyb k obsluze 3030 o Lehaiver - Thingiverse

Vibration Damper for Prusa i3 mk2 by hofftari - Thingiverse

Other door stopper, fast printing by Andicot - Thingiverse

Sunruy Technologies specialize in developing and producing 3D printers.We also supply 3D printing material.

Head Over Heels: shoes I made with 3D printing technology. Actually the first wearable shoes ever made with a 3D printer.