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Burns 1,000 calories - This looks like it's going to be INSANELY tough!

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A lot of variation! 1000 calories but hard to keep track of

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Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Results

Wake Up & Workout! Burn 1,000 Calories In Under 10 Minutes!

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Quick! Here's how to burn 1000 calories, fast! #FitnessFriday #burn

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Workout Music on

Not sure that this will actually burn 1000 calories but it does seem like a good quick cardio workout

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7 Day Muffin Top Challenge

5 great home workout that you can do per week that can help get that muffin top to disappear. Let’s go!

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Seeking Vera: Lose 100 Calories Quick Do 5x for 500 , 10x for 1000 ect. SO AWESOME !!! Check out the rest of the blog

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I'm going to give this a try...Thank goodness my heart rate monitor will tell me how many calories I'll burn.

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Favorite Pinterest Workouts (It Starts With Coffee)

1000 calorie workout ( I am skeptical if it is 1000 calories but its something I can do at home so I will try it!

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