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They were in Norway and he was so shocked to find out that the washing machine was in Norwegian and everyone's just like "Go ask Rapmon" and he's like "It's not in English" then he went all like "Where are we?" Then he figures it out and he gets all happy and proud meanwhile I'm screaming into my pillow at 7 in the morning like "ITS PROBABLY IN NORWEGIAN KIDDO" what to do with this child

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Omg it makes me so sad but also so happy like they have become mens now and they are so much more mature even though sometimes it doesn't seem like it XD I feel like we Asians tend to forget about their mental growth because we fixate on them as unchanging people almost, like idols just characters on a screen or points in time but they've matured so much :')

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Unless you've crawled inside someone's skin and felt the words that claw away at their throat and suffocate them during the night, you have no right to tell anyone to get over it or that they shouldn't be upset.

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That's exactly what I thought! and remember that textpost that said "somewhere there is a belly jasper that will hug the shit out of you" or something around that and then she appeared and I was like THERE SHE IS

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Now let's see your version of this idea! When you see something you like, render your version in your art journal! [today's doodle] Cultivate Love

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Download Here: Free Planner Sticker Printable is Sized for the Classic Happy Planner. It should work with other planner styles.

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How good is my English, uh???....but I admit I didn't understand all the conversations while packing yesterday....

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I'm going with option 3<<< its obviously the first one, Dan is a massive troll who would do something like that

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Felt I accomplished something today! I challenged myself to something that I thought I couldn't do. I was scared. It'll sound stupid. But it was about being honest and feeling unable to accomplish something. I shared my fear with someone and achieved something I thought impossible. The sense of achievement and success was beautiful. I just wanted to share. You all have. Thank you. And keep going, sharing your goals, success and failure inspires us all. @mypeakchallenge #mpc2017 X

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