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Anxiety Cat

I can't believe I even think about this! And I'm not the only one! Yay anxiety cat!

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Anxiety Cat..did this just the other day..ha. ANXIETY CAT! How do you know me so well!?

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Wanting to be involved, but being too scared to be involved. It's very lonely.

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Pet-Sentials: Dogs & Cats Supplement

Overthinking about overthinking

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Hate, hate, hate making phone calls. But love actually talking. ?? Weird

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Social Anxiety Cat - You know the words to my heart

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Do one of You suffer from Anxiety here is a Great Website --

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show friend your favorite show too busy worrying about their opinion to enjoy it - Anxiety Cat

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Anxiety Cat - Look at anxiety cat memes realise every single one applies to you

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Laughing at how much I sadly identify with "anxiety cat".

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26 Problems Only Anxious People Will Understand

Anxiety Cat is too funny!

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The Best of Internet Meme's

I thought everyone does that. I have to practice it like 10 times then when I say it its really quiet so I have to repeat it and I feel like I'm gonna die

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This happens to me with my reading glasses.

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The perfect hybrid of Anxiety Cat and Socially Awkward Penguin.

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So I really am Anxiety Cat then.... Oh no!!

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Anxiety Cat - Can't find something in store search whole building for hours to avoid asking a worker

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Anxiety Cat - i wanna go for a nice walk ...nvm, my neighbors are outside

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Yay! Reliving things that contributed to the anxiety disorder is FUN.

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Anxiety Cat. Don't judge me.

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