Birthday cupcakes classroom chart :)

Old loo rolls would make the perfect holders. Paired with toothpicks makes this a relatively easy, but very effective project.

These days it’s so hard to encourage the kids to spend the necessary time outdoors that is required to keep them in good health and spirits. You need to give them their own special place to hang out. A kids picnic table is the perfect place to collaborate. They can spend time with their friends, …

This DIY Kids Picnic Table is designed to fit bigger kids too and will be so handy at your place. It's an easy DIY that you'll !

Skupinová práce - sbíráme dukáty - za 10 dukátů malá odměna. A sbírá se od znova.

A sbírá se od znova.


Dragon from tractor tires - would make great divider between garden & playground area within garden. Where can we get tractor tires honey?

Výsledek obrázku pro pravidla v ms

Výsledek obrázku pro pravidla v ms