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Chicken Friendly Coop Plants
The hens are loving their Blue Tuscan Rosemary from FastGrowingTrees.com! Rosemary not only has a ton of health benefits for chickens, but it also keeps the coop smelling good and repels pests too! The other plants that surround the coop are: 🌿 Maiden Grass - Adds movement and provides plant shade near coop 🌿 Phenomenal Lavender - Adds calming aromas for chickens and is a natural insect repellent 🌿 Ornamental Kale - Adds a fun texture and pop of color in winter months
Daily Chicken Coop Cleaning
Difficulty: Easy This daily routine changed my life! When we built our chicken coop, I knew I wanted to make daily cleaning a priority. A walk-in coop is a lot easier to clean but, if you have one that isn’t, these materials, tools and tips could absolutely help you as well. Tools: • Dog scoop (run) • Kitty litter scoop (coop) Materials: • Pebbly, not sharp, coarse medium and fine granule sand (run) • Coffee ground bedding (coop) • Optional: hemp bedding (coop)
My trick to keep chickens from eating their eggs
chicken coop plans that are easy to build and can be used as a small house
DIY Chicken Coop Plans