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Kiefer: 'When I start it feels very direct... then I reach a certain state & go back & have a discussion with the painting [about] how to go on... I have a war in my head all the time [because] you have to choose.... & each time you lose 100 other possibilities & you never know whether what you choose is the right thing... if you decide one way you cannot go back... [because] the starting point is no longer there... I put work outside or in electrolysers to let them decide when it gets too…

Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany Bonn presents Anselm Kiefer Am Anfang (In the Beginning). Works from the Hans Grothe Collection, on view 20 September

simple but cosy

44 Wonderful Rustic Barn Bathroom Design: 44 Wonderful Rustic Barn Bathroom Design With White Brick Wall And Washbasin And Mirror And Lamp And Towel And Chair