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Black and yellow Zen necklace, ying yang jewelry, beaded rope necklace, Zen jewellry, bead crochet rope necklace, Day and Night Zen harmony

Black and yellow Zen necklace ying yang jewelry by EvAtelier1

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Beaded necklace, bead crochet rope, yellow, blue, beaded rope bracelet, bead necklace, Caribbean sea colours, modern geometric pattern rope

NEW! Extraordinary necklace / bracelet in colours of Caribbean Ocean by EvAtelier1 on Etsy

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Blue and white bead necklace, Zen jewelry Day and Night, bead crochet bracelet, beaded rope necklace, blue and white bracelet, beaded rope

NEW item from my Zen design, bracelet or necklace, as you wish :-) by EvAtelier1

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Working on new #Zen #jewlery collection, coming soon to EvAtelier1 on Etsy. More here

Zen pattern necklace in Black and Red, seed beads, African rope bracelet, black red seed beads, crochet rope necklace, bracelet, beaded rope

Listed now! Zen pattern in Black and Red by EvAtelier1

Silver and blue bracelet - surgical steel - blue glass beads - jewelry for allergic people

Silver and blue #bracelet from surgical steel by #evatelier #Etsy

Silver and blue earrings, long dangle earrings, surgical steel, blue glass beads, steel earrings, suitable for hypersensitive people

Silver and blue earrings long dangle earrings by EvAtelier1

New from my Zen collection #EvAtelier #Etsy #jewelry

Hammered copper pendant, copper flower necklace, rustic flower, green leather cord, hammered jewelry, aged copper, rustic copper necklace

Listed today in my #Etsy shop #EvAtelier1 #copper #jewlery

Working on new #Zen #jewlery collection, coming soon to EvAtelier1 on Etsy. More here