Evaline Standish

Evaline Standish

15 y.o. depressed, american horror story, the hunger games
Evaline Standish
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.This would make things so much easier.

Some eCards: Life should be more like hockey. When someone pisses you off, you just beat the shit out of them then sit in a penalty box for 5 minutes


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Always be yourself unless…

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well finally watching the hunger games after have read it over a year ago, love it soooo far had to take a break and wait for my sister so....

"My nightmares are usually about losing you. I’m okay once I realize you’re here." ― Peeta, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (I can't remember if they put this in the movie or not but it is still wonderful.

American Horror Story<3

You have to watch American Horror Story. It's super weird, but super addictive. And Evan Peters is adorable in it.