Winterse lucht in de stad. Achtergrond in blauwe tinten met witte sneeuwstippen. Ijskristallen knippen van wit papier. Huizen in zwart wit tekenen en opplakken.

I love,love,love combaining two different tehiques of both coloring and drawing

Winter Rain Watercolor Resist

Winter Rain Watercolor Resist

I finally rounded up the Christmas Countdown on instagram. It has been a great journey -  Kinderyoga inspiratie bij elke afbeelding...

Wow, 24 days later and we reached the round-up of my Christmas Countdown. MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody. And to those of you who aren’t celebrating it: Merry Holidays! December passed by in a bli…

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Folded-paper-angels at

folded-paper-angels from the Usborne book of Christmas Decorations illustrated by Caroline Johansson. We own this book and it is fantastic and it started my paper angel obsession!

smART Class: Winter Rain Watercolor Resist

Watercolor resist - lesson on water droplets and ripples - texture, color theory, shadow - how would droplets look striking pavement/water/leaves etc?

Tvoříme s dětmi  ☺: Jarní louka

Tvoříme s dětmi ☺: Jarní louka

Tvoříme s dětmi  ☺: Ze života hmyzu.....

Tvoříme s dětmi ☺: Ze života hmyzu.....