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three lavender sachets with ribbons and flowers
a purple dress made out of dried flowers
Ольга Костюченко
levendula lány
three little dolls are dressed in purple and black yarns, standing on a wooden surface
Kifli és levendula: Miss Lavender
a doll with long hair wearing a white dress and holding lavenders in her hands
Levendula leányzó
lavender girl
lavender flowers are arranged on a black surface
the process of making lavender flowers is shown
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Une composition originale à créér à base de brin de lavande. (Idées geniale)
a little doll sitting on top of a table next to a potted plant
Lavender Girl ~ I love her! Thank you Barbara for taking the time to send this pin to me and thinking of me when you saw it!
two angel statues made out of lavenders and twine strings hanging from a wooden pole
Ezerarcú levendula | Balkonada
Handmade lavender angel at Tihany, Lake Balaton, Hungary
there are three pictures of different vases on the shelves
декор бутылок,банок,ваз.
Декупаж бутылки "Солнце", мк, идеи.
a cross stitch pattern with lavenders and bottles
Laura - Album 1 xxx
Janlyn - Soothing Lavender
a cross stitch pattern with purple flowers on it
a cross stitch pattern with purple flowers and hearts on the side, in different colors