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two dogs are sitting next to each other
𝑆𝑛𝑒𝑎𝑘𝑒𝑟𝐵𝑎𝑒 ꨄ (SneakerBae) - Profile | Pinterest
a small pug puppy sitting on top of a white fluffy rug next to a person's hand
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No way. Vintage, Decoupage, Vintage Recipes, Old Ads, Old Advertisements, Adverts, Vintage Candy, Olds, Mops
No way.
an ad for gumy condoms with a green man in the middle
Gumby Condoms Exist
safe word: "poky"
bacon wrapped in green leaves on top of a brown paper with the words beautiful bacon roses
A Bouquet of Bacon Roses! — Lily The Wandering Gypsy
Bacon Roses by Lily The Wandering Gypsy
an iphone with four compartments in it
Knucklecase: Knucklecase iPhone 5 Gold Tone, at 22% off!
a fake doll is sitting on the floor
scary doll
an image of a woman's face with her eyes closed and the words, she looks so hot at least with her eyes closed
Home of Weird Pictures, Strange Facts, Bizarre News and Odd Stuff
eye lid tattoo. That's creepy!
a woman's feet with multicolored sandals on top of her toes and black background
Longest Toenails Ever? Blank Stare
Spider-Beard Beard Styles, Bearded Men, Sherlock, Beards And Mustaches, Beard No Mustache, Crazy Beard, Beard Humor, Beard Shapes, Mustache
Spider-Beard (Chad Roberts)
a woman's mouth with tattoos on it
awesome but OWWWW!!!
#crazy #tomato #Weird #Hairstyle! Hair Beauty, Creative Haircuts, Barber, Crazy Hair Days, Crazy Hair, Bad Hair Day, Hair Day, Bad Hair, Cool Hairstyles
#crazy #tomato #Weird #Hairstyle!
there are sushi in the box on the table
huh? #HAGGIS #SUSHI. Could it be any more disgusting?
a computer mouse that is red and grey
Site Unavailable
Your current computer mouse isn't sexy enough for you? All can change with the new G-Spot mouse.
an old book with red cover and black lettering on it, which reads communism hypnotism and the beatles
Marxist Minstrels: The Beatles want to sexually hypnotize you into Communism!
I get the correlation between communism and hypnotism, but what do the Beatles have to do with either?
a book with an image of a woman holding a hose
a woman with weird hair and piercings on her face
Gee, those look comfortable... Jokes, Funny Jokes, Laugh, I Laughed, Hilarious, Chistes
Buy with Epik.com
Gee, those look comfortable...
the doll is wearing an apron and holding a box
The Unconscious Impulse
so funny
a silver toilet sitting on top of a white floor
Crystal Encrusted Toilet ($75,000)
an old photo of a man standing on top of a large pile of leaves in front of a building
Buffalo kill in America. 1800s. military commanders were ordering their troops to kill buffalo — not for food, but to deny native Americans their own source of food and push them into reservation life. Where millions of buffalo once roamed, only a few thousand animals remained.
two pictures of the same woman in different outfits, one with blue eyes and one with blonde hair
Camilla steps out in diamond brooch Diana used to wear
Camilla wearing Princess Diana's $5 million emerald brooch Prince Charles gave to Diana as a wedding gift. Now that takes balls!
STFU!! Feliz, Mom, Heide, Damn, Dads, Frases, Bahahahaha
a mannequin wearing a black and white dress with stripes on it's chest
Barbie Winehouse