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a painting of a man's face with his mouth open
Marlene Dumas: Emotion as Art
Marlene Dumas, Mamma Roma, 2012: Exploring a complex range of human emotions, the work of Marlene Dumas probes at questions of gender, race and sexuality.
a black and white painting of a person standing in front of a wall with grey paint
'Straitjacket' - 1993 - by Marlene Dumas (South African, b. 1953) - Oil on canvas - 90x70cm. - @~ Mlle
an x - ray image of two hands holding each other
Chinese Foot Binding
Chinese binding feet
two people laying on a bed with their hands in the air
Odd History (23 photos) | KLYKER.COM
Chinese foot binding is a now ancient tradition of wrapping the feet of young girls. This tradition died out about 100 years ago. The idea was, the smaller the feet, the more beautiful and feminine the girl.
a black and white photo of an object
Painting Authentication & Art Appraisal | Art Certification Experts foo
Hesse, Untitled
a person doing a handstand in the middle of an empty room with white walls
Bulbous garments are contorted during Shani Ha's Embody performances
Embody by Shani Ha
a man standing in front of a large black piece of art on his back legs
Shai Langen / identidad, cuerpo, cara, cabeza, negra