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a collage of photos with flowers, candles and other things in them on a table
32 Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas to Inspire Your Big Day - Oh Best Day Ever
three painted mason jars with flowers in them
23 Bridal Shower Hacks and Ideas for 2018 - crazyforus
23 Bridal Shower Hacks and Ideas for 2018: #19. DIY FLOWER JARS; #bridalshowerideas; #hacks; #diy; #diywoodcrafts; #flowers
the instructions for how to make mason jars with flowers in them and paint them white
DIY: Awesome Mason Jar DIYs - Casuable | Everyday blog
DIY: Awesome Mason Jar DIYs - Casuable
three mason jars filled with money sitting on top of a counter next to a pair of glasses
Mason Jar Crafts: Favorite Upcycles | Frugal Farm Wife
Mason jars are one of my favorite things. I’m usually a pretty frugal gal, but put me in an antique store with vintage jars, and I go a bit gaga. There are just so many things you can do with them! These are some of my favorite projects that I’ve found around the internet, rangingKeep Reading
a glass jar filled with lots of different colored pencils next to a tweet
Fast Feng Shui: Make A Wish Jar!
Wish Jars | Feng Shui Prosperity Tip | Make Your Dreams Come True | The Tao of Dana
a glass jar filled with lots of different types of paper and magnets on top of a wooden table
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
diy jar
three wire cactus planters sitting on top of a wooden board
Nice idea! String art cactus...imagine the possibilities...
three black and white moon phases hanging on a string in the middle of a room
DIY⋆room decor ⋆Sewing⋆Beauty⋆ Printable
DIY⋆room decor ⋆Sewing⋆Beauty⋆ Printable
several pictures of tin cans with pens and pencils in them
8 Bedroom Organization Hacks That'll Make You Look Like a Genius
These 8 super cute bedroom organizing hacks and tips are THE BEST! I'm so happy I found this AMAZING post! Now I have some ideas on how to organize my room an make it look pretty! I'm SO pinning for later!
a white desk with some books and papers on it
Cute Stationery: Photo
Cute Stationery : Photo
the contents of a pink and gold planner spread out on top of eachother
How To Craft A Cute Binder - Home Made by Carmona
How to make your office and household binders as cute as they are functional!
some flowers that are sitting on a table
Urban Outfitters | Clothing & Apparel | Lifestyle & Homeware
UO DIY: How to Press and Frame Flowers - Urban Outfitters - Blog
three mason jars with fairy lights in them
14 Adorable Ways To Upcycle Old Candle Jars -
Everybody in my house LOVES candles. Since it’s coming up on the best time of…