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Learning to dance Dramione. Let me just take this in... This is so freaking cute I can't even explain....

((Closed RP, set in year.)) The Yule Ball was coming up and we'd been brought together to learn to dance. I sat on the bench with the rest of the girls when I saw Draco approaching me.

Ram hablando de Laban

I liked Draco from the first time I saw him in the movie Because really, he was trying to be nice at first, but Ron made fun of his name. And I like his mom too.his dad is a bit of an ass.but overall the Malfoy family is my favourite.

My mom thinks my obsseision for Draco Malfoy is for Tom. I go like I was in love with him WAYY before I saw the movies. But she isn't too wrong really :) he takes my love for him at a higher stake.

Real life inspiration for the pink pants Draco wore<<why is he looking lovingly at the microphone?