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King Luke~I've been married to my beautiful wife Queen Alexis Maxwell for 11 years and I'm so happy my life may be cut short from leukemia but I don't let it hold me down we had two children a boy and a girl their teenagers now. My brother you all know who he is I still play with my band but their all caught up with their children and wives.

Can we just take minute to look at how long his legs are. <<< am I the only one who noticed that it kinda looks like he has eyeliner on? This penguin is really trying to be punk rock and I think it's rather cute :)

happy birthday dork:) I hope your day is well and everything goes amazing!!! I can believe you're 20 years old like our little baby is growing up:((( but I love you soooooo freakin' much and wish you all the best today ❤️

I love it when he smiles. I barely ever get to see them smile anymore.