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erika čížek
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Afirmações para a cura do seu chacra básico: "Meu corpo me apoia em viver uma vida criativa e feliz. Eu amo cada parte do meu corpo, cada célula é preenchido com energia e vitalidade. Eu tenho tudo que eu preciso. Eu estou seguro. Eu pertenço."

I ONLY like the art work! Affirmations for healing your base chakra: My body supports me in living a creative and happy life. I love every part of my body, every cell is filled with energy and vitality. I am safe. I belong.

11/20/15 / Author: Devon Preston Photo Gallery Follows the Text In various Eastern religions, chakras represent the different centers of the body which each hold their own spiritual power. The ...

Chakras originated in Eastern religion, but people around the world celebrate their symbolism with tattoos. Here are some chakra tattoos to meditate over.

chakras tattoo - Google-Suche                                                                                                                                                      Plus

new tatoo idea, thinking about keeping the chakras in colour and the rest in black and white with two different looking snakes

Tree of life

I really love trees! In my mind, I see myself touching an ancient tree and nestling at its roots. I feel comfort, wisdom and grounding from this magnificent presence. This poem speaks to my experience of the Tree's wisdom.

Chakra Portrait. If I knew where to have mine done, I would consider it for a tattoo

This is amazing. Pinner said:Chakra Portrait. If I knew where to have mine done, I would consider it for a tattoo

beautiful chakra tattoo

Spine tattoos for men have a wonderful place, literally, in the world of ink art. Check out the best spine tattoo ideas and designs for guys here.