'tree' stick into a biscuit cube (with pre-baked skewer hole). Weigh down with marzipan/strong icing and stick to serving tray (or they could be stuck in creatively covered foam bases).


Looks like a fairly easy cucumber garnish. Directions in Russian so hard to tell.

Fun Easter Food Ideas for Kids Creative Easter themed recipes to make for your children for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or a Healthy Snack. Plus, sweet treats and desserts that are perfect for your child's school class party or just for fun - super cute ye

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Šárčiny pařížské rohlíčky

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Keď sa naučíte tento jednoduchý recept na domáce cestoviny, už nikdy si ich…

Mrkvový dort bez mouky a cukru – opravdu skvělý! - Our Lovely Cooking

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Nejrychlejší zdravý koláč bez cukru a mouky