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cartoon characters standing in front of a mannequin with their hands on their hipss
an image of a cartoon character in front of a chalkboard
the spongebob character has his arms out and is holding an object in front of him
Steven universe
two people hugging each other in front of a chain link fence with the sky behind them
Steven Universe Oc, Steven Universe Comic, Steven Universe Anime
a cartoon character laying on the ground with his head down and another person standing in the background
a drawing of a woman with long hair
an animated image of a man smiling and wearing a pink shirt with his eyes closed
Cutie Pie ❤️
an image of a comic strip with the caption that reads, i'm emo now
three people with paper faces on their heads
Steven Universe: The Movie | Memes
a comic strip with an image of a woman holding a pink object in her hand
an image of two cartoon characters with caption that reads, meus amigos